Useful Bits and Bobs

Dyson vacuum cleaner car + boat


Definitely the must-have thing. Makes live with sand and dust easier.



Often the roads are not wide enough for Globi, so that we have to cut branches regularly. Our loppers are always ready to use in the driver cabin.

Insect killer

We don’t like insects in our home. Despite the mosquito protection in front of all windows some of them enter the cabin together with us through the door. With this power racket you can electrocute the little monsters easily.

Household tools

We definitely have many many tools with us, but this litlle ratchet set is the most used and useful tool to fix the little things in a moving house. It’s Gabi’s preferred tool!

Small kitchen scales

This mini one doesn’t need a lot of space but is as useful as a big kitchen scales.

LED pocket torch with rechargeable battery

This little porch is not only useful for walking in the dark, but with its 240m long light beam we can even observe animals in the bush, which you wouldn’t detect with other bigger lamps.

Front end water filter

Freshwater in Afica is often polluted. We use this filter in between our pipe elements. We prevent our tanks to get full of sand and rusty particles. It is easy to clean and sometimes you have to wash it several times during one filling session.

Salt & Pepper shaker

Looks cool, stays cool: it never lost one grain of salt so far despite all the nasty gravel roads.

Tire inflation control system


This system saved us at least one wheel. As soon as the pressure diverge from the set pressure bandwith the system informs you with audio alarm.

Router with WIFI

The Nighthawk M2 Mobile Router is the revolution of the Mobile Broadband category, it allows you to offload your LTE connection to an alternate public or private data access point via WiFi or Ethernet.

next generation is still available :

Middle sized binoculars

FernglasGood binoculars are important. It is important to pay attention to the luminosity and the optical precision. It’s more fun to watch animals with good glasses.

SKROSS – Multiadapter

From Rosmarie and Fritz: SKROSS – Multiadapter. Covers practically all countries. We don’t need it every day – but it has been of great use a few times.