Partner, which we will gladly recommend

The team of Nutzfahrzeuge Lachen supported us extremely committed. They offered us a great training and made many additional almost impossible wishes possible.

Thanks to Beno Näf from Senero our electronic system works as it should. He did not only focus on the programming, but he also found and replaced cables that were wrapped around the battery holder or run over sharp metal edges.

The solar system is now connected so that none of the Li-ion battery may overcharge or even explode. We benefited from his big network of specialists of motorhome construction. He is almost 24h available for his clients around the world and has done a lot of good things for Globi.

With his expertise, Ivo Glarner from revo-mobil has excellently adjusted the deficiencies of the interior fittings. His high quality standards and his dedicated commitment led us to a great result. His workshop is a pleasure, it is not only sensational tidy, but also pleasantly livable.

Air conditioning, vehicle heating, mobile power concepts

Hans has many years of experience in vehicle electrics, especially for air conditioning and heating. We got to know him as an extremely dedicated partner. With his knowledge, he became self-employed as Gautschi Tech in 2018.

Heavy-duty drawer

Bruno Köhli of Carrosserie Rusterholz built us a heavy-duty drawer; which is manageable even by smaller and older user. The extract also works when Globi is inclined and when sand is in the running rails. Personally and professionally highly recommended.


Uwe Binder and Walli Walder from digipack brought order into our vehicle. They had always a creative solution.

My expedition truck

Very personal advice for a construction or purchase of an off-road motorhome