28.11.16, Nelspruit, South Africa

On the road with Waggel, a DAF YA4440

Monique und Sjors travel out of curiosity, but also because they wanted to leave Netherland as it became too small for them. And leave business stress behind them. With Waggel they are on tour in Africa since 2012. Before that they tramped around the world as Backpackers. Their aim was to start as early as possible and hence they got retired already with 50.

They travel without an end date. As long as they like and it works out well. In Africa they were so fare deeply impressed by the Morocco Sahara. An odd situation they experienced in the Etoshapan, when they saw a couple in a car in front of them changing driver seats without recognising the lions 5 meters away. Luckily they had their cameras ready! In the DRC they definitely felt uncomfortable as they were regularly verbally attacked and labelled as racists. They strongly recommend new travellers to do 2 examination journeys to test the vehicle and themselves first.

Monique will have to undergo a knee surgery in South Africa again. After that they plan to take the East route back to Germany to buy a new chassis for their cabin. The thing they miss most in Africa is the Dutch cheese aside from family and friends. When they started their journey they were really looking forward to meeting other travellers and locals and experiencing foreign cultures.