12.12.16, Nata, Botswanan

On the road with Goliath, a MAN LX40

Marion and Walter travel because they love doing that, but also because they were fed-up with the German politics and with their working conditions. They travel since 2004, with a 4 years break in 2008 in Germany after the accident. One of the most lasting experiences was the contact with wales in Argentina. They got so close, that they had the impression the animals started communicating with them. One of the mothers even presented her baby to them. Another wonderful memory is the meet and greet with the people of a mountain village in Peru. Marion and Walter had been invited to camp on the football ground and all the women came to admire Marion’s short hair. A bad memory though is their accident in the mountains of Guatemala. On a steep and rainy mountain road a truck lost Diesel, which made the road slippery. That’s why Goliath started sliding despite the careful driving and smashed against a big rock. A sand hill on the driver side caused the side kick of their truck. As all happened quite slowly, they were luckily not heavily injured. The good thing was, that it didn’t happen 10 meters later, as there was a deep gorge instead of a rock.

The most comfortable thing Goliath offers is the Webasto diesel heating. New travellers they recommend to be brave enough to camp free, to not give something to begging children and to proactively seek the contact with locals.

Next spring they want to go back to Germany to optimize a few things before they ship over to South America in autumn.

What they really miss from Germany are their friends and the fantastic bred.