20.1.16, Walvis Bay, Namibia

Schmiders started their travel on 11.1.16. The family trip is planned as a break from everyday life, to spend more time as a family; the parents like to enjoy their children as long as possible. In the daily routine all have their own life with hobbies and sports. They plan to travel one year maximal, though there is no exact end date. They didn’t start jet, because they had to wait for their uncle Deutz, the truch, which arrives on the same boat as Globi in Walvis Bay. The best experience so far for the children was the Quad biking in the desert and for the parents the arrival of Uncle Deutz, a Klöckner Humbolt Deutz, Magirus 1967. Unpleasant was their stay in a backpacker in Windhoek, as the management was terrible. They do not recommend other travellers to fly with Air Namibia, because they had to buy a return ticket, which is called “no show” tickets, slightly cheaper, but not usable! The return trip is planned after along stay in Namibia (more than 3 months) and Air Namibia has not accepted that. So far, the family didn’t miss anything. The children maybe their pets, but they look forward to see the animals in Africa and plan even to stay on a farm for a little while. The Parents look forward to meet new people and experience new ideas and concepts.