16.12.17 in Tundavala, Angola

Travelling with Suri 2, a Toyota Landcruiser HZJ 79 with a cabin from Alpha-cab

Ruth and Walter have been traveling with their Suri 2 since 2009. After selling their bakery business with Café, they started their dream of experiencing foreign cultures in reality, not just through the media. The encounters with the various people in the different countries were exciting. Lasting was the acquaintance of Hans Sahler, the famous mountaineer in Chile or the couple they met, who are the owners of a large South African winery. They met them en route with a 2-person sleeping tent. Unforgettable was their adventure when their Toyota had a transmission damage in the middle of the Bolivian jungle. They could only get help in the next village, which was 350 km away. The gearbox change took two months! When they still ran their business, they always dreamed of a longer break:  now they have made this dream to become true for a bakery in Emmental. Ruth and Walther have run the other bakery for a year – what a great sympathetic idea for both sides. Of course they bake as well while travelling, so it is not surprising that the two mentioned as an important thing for them especially the oven! They advise travelers not to over-commit themselves and to plan everything, but to be drifted, to enjoy the freedom and to grab opportunities. They themselves plan to travel back the eastern route via Oman to Europe in the next few years and then go again to South America. There is no limit to time, they still enjoy traveling and will do so for as long as their health allows. From home they actually miss mainly good Vermicelles (special Swiss desert) ;-). On December 11, 2017, their book about the Silk Road was published: Adventure Tour Seidenstrasse, ISBN 978-3-8966-525-0. We are happy to meet them again somewhere.