13.1.18 in Tsumeb, Namibia

On their way with Snowy, a Toyota Landcruiser Prado

Leanne and Win are on the road since September 2016. They flew to Uganda because they wanted to see the gorillas. There they bought Snowy and since then they are on the way with 4 wheels. They want to get to know more foreign cultures and people and even live longer in one country from time to time. At the beginning, they planned to travel for two years, but today the journey is open-ended, as long as they have the strength and the desire to travel. They want to visit Africa, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. If they leave Africa, they will fly home for a few weeks. So far, they have been impressed most by the gorillas in Uganda, the young lions that have played with an eagle owl in front of their car and the Ngorongoro Crater. One of the more unpleasant experiences where when someone tried to break into the car at night while they were sleeping. Or when they took a neighbor in Uganda to a piece of land where the local people restrained them with gun violence. Travel beginners they recommend to have a lot of patience with the authorities and to deal with the people. Try to learn and read about the local conditions in advance. In addition to family and friends, they miss the weather from home, Earl Gray tea, cheese and Marmite. Disagreement between them, are only occurring if Win finds that Leanne has taken too many clothes with her. We definitely hope to see them again in Africa.