13.3.19, Humahuaca, Argentina

On the road with a MAN VW FAE 8150 G90

After retirement, Sabine and Uli made their big dream of traveling the world for longer come true. Now they are on the road with their MAN VW since April 2015. An end of the journey is not planned, they want to travel as long as possible. But they go home from time to time as well. Next, they want to go to Africa. The best experience for Uli was the “White Rim Road” in NP Canyons Land, USA. The 100km in three days were very exhausting. For Sabine it was more of an unpleasant experience. The most important utensil they took with them is clearly the camera, at least for Sabine. From Germany they mainly miss the good cheese. Travelling around, both feel much more relaxed than at home, even though they have no stress anymore in Germany. If they have disagreements at all, it’s always about the overnight location. As a vehicle, they recommend travel beginners a small and light vehicle.