5/12/19, Ushuaia, Argentina
On the road with a MAN LE10 / 220, their Pepamobil

Renate and Bruno have been traveling the world with their Pepamobil since 2000. In recent years mainly in South America. The travel bug was inoculated with Bruno when he was 25 when he wanted to go to India with an R4. Unfortunately, the R4 didn’t quite make it, but since then he knows that he would love to travel all the time. They have bought a property in Paraguay and are now selling their Pepamobile. They don’t want to stop traveling, but rather want to fly to new destinations in the future and buy or rent a travel vehicle locally. The best experience so far has been Antarctica, so their next destination is once more Antarctica. They find it uncomfortable that today mass tourism has found its way into many places where they used to be alone. The most useful utensil they have taken with them is their washing machine. It saves them from having to search for a laundry and the corresponding expenses. They still miss the chocolate and the cheese from home even today. Coexistence in the truck was never new to them, since they had been together 24 hours a day since the time they came together. The only arguments they have are about the GPS and the iOverlander, since Renate is preparing the trip and Bruno simply wants to drive to the left or right.