19.4.17, Senga Bay, Malawi

On the road with a Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Teams, FJ

Lieve and Dirk started their travel life after their work life with a 7 months journey through South Amercia in 2008. That acquired the taste for travelling. Today they think about doing something else after 10 years of travelling. After the Americas they toured through Asia and now Africa. The most beautiful experiences they had in the Antarctic and in the Laguna Verde in the Andes. The town of Morgab in Tadzhikistan at 4’200m altitude was the most inhospitable place they were. Next year they want to travel up to Angola and then sell their car. After that…. The kids, familiy and social life in Belgium they miss sometimes. En route the camera, internet and the phones are really important to keep in touch. One of their learnings on their way is to not put yourself under stress and take enough time for everything you do. Discussions come up when Lieves GPS wants to go left and the one from Dirk to the right or when they judge the amount of risk they want to take. When we met them Dirk was training to fly his drone, so that we got some nice aerial shots.