23.11.18, Laguna Rocha, Uruguay

On the road with a MAN TGS 26.480, Shujaa und Shujoo

Karin and Oliver enjoy the freedom of time and money since 2016. They want to experience more of the world than just vacation flights and luxury hotels. They have no children and can therefore afford their dream more easily without obligations. Right now, they are planning a journey of five to seven years, wanting to visit those destinations in the world which are most important to them. The most beautiful experience they had on the Paso Aguanegra in Chile, the nature was just overwhelming. However, the laguna in the Andes of Argentina was the most challenging adventure so far. Everything has looked very dry and stable. Unfortunately, it turned out that the weight of Shujaa was a bit too heavy and that a hike from the track to the lake would have been wiser. They had to shovel for days and finally be pulled out with help from outside. Their lesson is that it was a bit naïve to drive in there, but that as a team they reacted brilliantly and mastered the situation very well. That gives them much more security for the future. In general, on the way they have learned more about each other and have developed even further as a couple. At most there are differences over Oliver’s impatience. Their most useful tool that they have with them, however, is quite profane the Dyson vacuum cleaner. Travelers are strongly advised to drive off today rather than tomorrow and to rely on the knowledge that there is a solution to every problem. Another learning is, that it is advantageous if you build a network of specialists so that you can get help in emergencies. After South America, her next destination is Africa. When traveling, they miss mostly friends and family, but they enjoy the fantastic nature and no have to do any longer.