12/17/21, La Paloma, Uruguay

Out and about with a MAN TGM 13.290 and Frieda

Marcus is a traveller who decided at a relatively young age to devote his entire life to traveling by truck. The start was bumpy as his new expedition truck was on the Grimaldi ship, which sank a few years ago. At short notice, he organized a new truck and has been on the road in South America since 2018. Shortly after his start he was caught by the lockdown in Argentina and was stuck for more or less a year on a campsite in Cafayate, Argentina. He takes full advantage of the freedom he has regained. He has been travelling with an Argentinian friend for a long time and therefore speaks almost perfect Spanish today. His dog Frieda is a breed of dog that is very attached to people. Frieda is even more special; she believes she is human too and often behaves that way!