12/28/19, near Estancia “El Tero”, El Calafate, Argentina

Out and about with his touring bike

Craig is on the road with his touring bike, tent and camping equipement. We met him on an old part of Ruta 40, a rather rough earth road with a lot of headwind. He usually rides alone; some stretches with other cyclists he meets. Long-distance cyclists also have their own app, with which they can contact and inform themselves on the go. Craig left London on September 6, 18. First he crossed Europe to Athens. He then flew over the Mediterranean to Cairo. From Cairo he pedaled the entire east route to Cape Town across Africa. Then he went by plane to Sao Paulo across the Atlantic. From here he mainly cycled along the coast to Buenos Aïres. Here he boarded a plane again to get to Ushuaia. When we met him he was traveling from Ushuaia to Alaska! As the former wine merchant’s budget is slowly running out, he plans to get a bread job somewhere in Canada to see further. We wish the tough, young man all the best, little bad weather and good luck.