As overland travellers, we rely on open borders and hospitable people. When these conditions are no longer given, traveling will no longer be joyful. Both factors are currently not existing and travel is prevented, not only for overlander.

Border crossing

According to official information, it is not possible to travel to Argentina before September 1, 2020, the borders are likely to remain closed that long. Regular flight operations do not currently exist. The provincial borders are also closed at the moment and can only be crossed with special permits. However, we were not given any official information on which provinces will change border crossings, when and how. The provinces have a fairly free hand in this regard.


In large agglomerations, the restrictions are still very strong. Leaving the property or apartment is only permitted for one person in the household and only for essential errands, otherwise there is a strict curfew. However, some provinces have started a slight opening as of the weekend of June 6/7 2020. People can move around freely outside again, but must keep their distance and should stay at home if possible.

Political development

This curfew of several months can lead to disturbances in larger agglomerations, as the socially disadvantaged people suffer much more from the curfew and have no way of making a living. They starve and are also mentally stressed because they have to endure with many family members in small apartments. People are also looking for culprits and travelers are at the forefront because they have brought not only money but also viruses into the country.


From today’s point of view, overland trips to Argentina and South America are possible again at the earliest in late autumn. The carefree travel that we all loved so much could be a thing of the past. If the extreme hospitality and joie de vivre of the South Americans should also disappear, South America would no longer be worth a trip. However, we got to know the lively South Americans as tumbler. We believe that even in an uncomfortable situation, they can again find some positive sides. Life will not only go on; it will be happy again.