The southernmost part of Spain and also of political Europe are the Canary Islands. A trip to the Canary Islands is a trip within Europe. At the time of the corona virus, however, special entry conditions also apply for Europeans.

From November 23, 2020, all travelers (including children) must present a negative COVID19-PCR test to enter Spain. The COVID19 test must not be older than 72 hours upon arrival. The negative test result must be presented in paper or electronic form in Spanish or English. In addition, an online form must be filled out and the QR code must be presented upon entry.

We were able to carry out the COVID19-PCR test at our family doctor and received notification by phone and email within 24 hours. The test was uncomfortable because we had the feeling that the inserted cotton stick would easily reach into the brain stem. 😉 We could not find any brain damage though so far… The online form is simple and can only be completed shortly before departure. After completing it, we received a QR code that we printed out. The handling in both relatively empty airports was a bit more complicated than normal, but very bearable. The QR code was read and the procedure was done. Since we entered on November 12th, i.e. before the deadline, nobody wanted to see our COVID19-PCR test!