As of spring 2023

The transport from South America to Europe was anything but stress-free! The shipping companies have increased their prices not only for RoRo, but in general and make it very clear to us overlanders that they have neither waited for us nor have much desire to transport our vehicles. We practically had to beg that they would even take our Globi with them for a lot of money.

It was only thanks to the great support of our agent, ITS, and the responsible person, Norma, that we were finally able to successfully overcome the many problems that kept getting in our way. The information from Grimaldi was different every day and quite confusing, see our related note. Until Globi was loaded, we were never sure whether the vehicle would be transported or simply left at the port. The local agency in Montevideo, respectively the person in charge for our transport, did not make a professional impression and confused us more than she helped us. Ultimately, Timo from UY-Storage was the biggest help on site in Montevideo. All confusing information was solved by Norma from Switzerland and communicated to us clearly.

In the end, the shipment went smoothly and on time. Our Globi was not robbed or destroyed on the way, as is usual with Grimaldi these days. The two colleagues who loaded with us were less fortunate in this regard. According to the traces we found, only our driver’s cabin was used for all sorts of things on the crossing, but nothing was destroyed.

In Antwerp I had to wait two days after the ship arrived. Apparently, the Grande Nigeria went to the repair dock first because something stopped working. That exists and is normal in this industry, but it was very stressful for me because I would have liked to know how Globi was doing. However, Norma moved heaven and earth out of Switzerland so that I was able to receive Globi just a few hours after the main deck was cleared and everything was extremely easy. A big compliment to ITS and especially to Norma.


Shipping costs for Globi and Ernstli CHF 16 790.00
Surcharge since 2018 156%

Shipping Agent

International Transport & Shipping Ltd.
Christoph Merian-Ring 29
CH-4153 Reinach
Tel.: +41 61 577 27 44 
Norma Trächslin

Agent in Antwerp

International Transport & Shipping Ltd.
Christoph Merian-Ring 29
CH-4153 Reinach
Tel.: +41 61 577 27 44 
Norma Trächslin

Agent in Montevideo

KMA Uruguay
25 de Mayo 713
901 Montevideo
CP 11000
Tel: +598 2 909 1412
Fiorella Servetti und Lucia del Rey

Places to stay to get ready for shipment

Ruta 8
Soca – Uruguay 
Tel./Whatsapp: +598 94 824 300
S34 38.517 W55 33.978
Paraiso Suizo
Ruta-1 (Interbalnearia)
34.77981S, 55.430238W
Kontakt: Silvia Koller & Heinz Stüssi