11/10/23 to 11/21/23

Although we drove incredibly quickly through the entire country, we were still able to visit many of Turkey’s enormous historical treasures.

Mamure Castle

The Turks restored Mamure Castle relatively completely. This castle is one of the most impressive castles we have ever seen. We could really imagine how people used to live in the castle. The battlements and especially the castle walls in which entire rooms and corridors were furnished were also impressive. The staircases to the battlements are very narrow stairs, logically without railings. I suspect that every now and then a soldier fell to his death when he had to rush to the battlements.

Happy moment

The Turks also did a great job of restoring Pegre. The excavations have been restored to such an extent that we could really get a sense of the size of the city and the streets as we walked through them. As an experience it was much more impressive for us than the well-known Ephesus.

Technology Pitfalls

When we took a lunch break to eat our famous Vreni salad, we suddenly ran out of water. According to the display, the current tank still had some water in it, but the displays are not very accurate. However, when switching to the full tank, no water came out. The pump was running, we could hear it. We immediately went through all the potential leak points, but fortunately we didn’t find any leaks. The professional pumps that Ivo installed are safe to run dry. According to Ivo, we simply have to open the hot and cold water and wait longer. We waited for a long time, but suddenly the water came back, and we were saved.

For a smile

We won’t soon forget Alakaya, a village on the Mediterranean. According to I-Overlander – we don’t actually go to the places anymore because they are mostly unusable for Globi – there was a great place on the beach after this village, probably for cyclists. We drove naively into the village, unfortunately very far and with considerable difficulties until we simply got stuck at the end. Nothing worked anymore. I had to maneuver backwards around the many house corners and eaves. Thanks to the instructions from Gabi and two nice Turks who explained all drivers that they had to reverse out again because a tourist had driven his monster into the village, it actually worked after a long time. We ended up spending the night in front of the closed campsite.