The right truck chassis for your expedition vehicle

2020-10-08T17:48:32+02:008. October, 2020|Blog, construction an expedition vehicle|

After deciding to buy an expedition vehicle, the question of the chassis comes up. The chassis is the basis for the entire expedition vehicle and with the choice, important preliminary decisions are made that [...]

Show me your tires and I’ll tell you who you are

2020-08-21T17:11:28+02:0017. August, 2020|Blog, construction an expedition vehicle|

The best or the right tires on our expedition vehicles are an eternal campfire conversation. This post aims to provide a contribution to the discussion as objective as possible on this subject, which is [...]

All roads lead to Rome. Tell that to your navigation system.

2019-06-08T14:21:33+02:008. June, 2019|Blog, construction an expedition vehicle|

Our experiences with the navigation in the expedition vehicle and what we have learned from it: hopefully a little aid. It is not a market overview. Who explains navigation to a beginner? Navigation is a [...]

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